Robert Nelsons Kernel: Pin Mux setting uart2 vs. uart1 => differences?


I want to switch the RS232 cape of my Beaglebone from UART2 to UART1
(to get some SPI pins freed...).

In the board file I found these settings:

/* Module pin mux for uart2 */
static struct pinmux_config uart2_pin_mux[] = {
  {"spi0_d0.uart2_txd", OMAP_MUX_MODE1 | AM33XX_PIN_OUTPUT},
  {"spi0_sclk.uart2_rxd", OMAP_MUX_MODE1 | AM33XX_PIN_INPUT_PULLUP},
  {NULL, 0},


static struct pinmux_config uart1_pin_mux[] = {
  {"uart1_txd.uart1_txd", OMAP_MUX_MODE0 | AM33XX_PULL_ENBL},
  {"uart1_rxd.uart1_rxd", OMAP_MUX_MODE0 | AM33XX_PIN_INPUT_PULLUP},
  {NULL, 0},

UART2 is the default for the RS232.cape

I stumbled across the setting "AM33XX_PIN_OUTPUT" of UART2 in
comparison to "AM33XX_PULL_ENBL" of UART1.

Is this difference due to a difference in the hardware and should
not be touched or should I use the settings of UART2 for UART1 simply
because I will use UART1 instead of UART2 now?

...I am a little anxious of damaging the hardware here...

What is the correct settings to achieve what I want to do?

Thank you very much in adance for any help!
Have a nice weekend!
Best regards,