Robooic Application in Beagle Bone Black


I am using Beagle Bone Black in Linux Ubuntu platform.

I want to develop the robotic application using Beagle Bone Black controller. application has navigation, tracking and obstacle avoidance features.

I want to know which camera is suitable for navigation in Beagle Bone Black and what are the additional tools and libraries required for this application?

Please suggest me any related link…

The Logitech C920 with OpenCV is a common combo with the Beaglebone Black as far as cameras are concerned.

The BeagleBoard site has some Robotics examples but not all are for the BB Black:

There is an example from Derek Molloy on his website/books using the Logitech C920 however it is a bit dated:

The Packt book Mastering BeagleBone Robotics has an example using a Logitech 720.

Here is an example using a Microsoft Web Cam which looks interesting.

The Robotics Cape might be of interest to you for the motor control and sensor section.!board-default

I’m sure there are more.



Hi Jon,

Thanks for your precious suggestion.

I want some more suggestions about camera, I saw Intel real sense camera(tracking and depth camera) which will use for navigation purpose.

Are these cameras will suitable for Beagle Bone Black controller??

Is there any related links about this application?

I personally do not have experience with the Intel RealSense cameras. You might try following this thread where the person is using a Berry Board example with a BeagleBone Black.



Hi Jon,

I want to use lidar sensor for navigation in Beagle Bone Black .

Are there any example applications for this combination?? this combination is suitable for application??

Robot should follow the object (track the object)and it should come back to the original place with previous route.

Please suggest me any related link and software setup to develop the application

You might look at the RoboMagellan competitions and see if there were any examples of using a Beaglebone. This could be an opportunity to be the first to do so though.

However, in the case of RoboMagellan, or autonomous navigation in general, you could look at using a camera and something like ROS and OpenCV.

The DARPA Subterranean Challenge might be another place for ideas:

This is old, but does cover LiDAR on the Beaglebone: