Robot language BBB software/hardware question

Hi all

I’m new to the board. I have purchased a BBB that will be here in a few weeks and would like some advice.I’ve searched for a few days but seem to be going in circles because i’m just not clear on the interface so please forgive me if this is a commonly asked question.

I’m building a robot with some wheelchair motors coupled to an existing sabertooth 2x25. The Sabertooth (has a 5v output) will power the BBB board, i’d also like to have wireless access to the robot and would like to know:

  1. What is the most user friendly software interface I can use/practice with to get familiar with while I wait on the board? I’ve used some Linux and enjoy it (installed a few distros: mint, ubuntu, MCE) but this is mostly due to some great walkthrough tutorials. I’ve not found great tutorials yet for BBB. As an add on to this, when I install one of the available distro’s, are there commands in place or something like that from a list or something similar? I’m not a programmer.

  2. Robot functions aren’t exotic: follow a set path outside up to 100 yards (without a line) at a certain time and the ability to send rf signals. I figure I need the following hardware capes: Bluetooth, RF, clock. Any advice on which of these to get would be great. If it were a perfect world I would figure out how to make the robot recharge.

  3. Also, what other forum resources are out there that you would recommend?

Any assistance would really be appreciated.