ROS 2 Iron or Humble on Beagle Bone Black

I am trying to install ROS 2 Iron or Humble on a BeagleBone Black. I know that Debian 11 Bullseye is the dominant OS, but for ROS 2 I am having difficulties installing it.

Is there a clear process for installing ROS 2 on Bullseye, or is it better to install Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04?
I have also tried to get Ubuntu but have not had success.

Thank you

ROS is only Tier 1 supported on armhf with an Ubuntu base installs for the BeagleBone Black

I’ve got weekly builds of 20.04 and 22.04 here, for your to play around with ros:

20.04: Index of /rootfs/ubuntu-armhf-20.04-console-v5.10-ti
22.04: Index of /rootfs/ubuntu-armhf-22.04-console-v5.10-ti


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Hi Robert,

I found those images previously and tried to install both in a similar manner to how I installed Bullseye-- I used Rufus to put the image on a SD card. When I did this, the BBB didnt boot.

Is the process more complicated than installing the images found on the beaglebone distributions page?

Just use or dd.