Rose-Hulman Embedded Linux Project Demos

Tomorrow my embedded linux students are demoing their projects.

I’m having them reply to this message with a link the a wiki describing the project. You can also look under P here[1].

Take a look at what they have done.


[1] Category:ECE497 -

We created a small scale mobile telepresence robot that we can control wirelessly.
Wiki page with more information is available here.

We are building a project to use webcam to capture face and compare with the database to identify the person.
Here is our wiki page. Wiki


I was able to communicate with my car through my beaglebone blue.

It is still an active project, as I’m trying to decipher what message causes a certain action.


My project was to monitor data coming in from a CANbus and then display and graph the data on a webpage. More information can be found here, and a quick YouTube clip of the project in action is here.


We used our beagle bone to capture an image of a Sudoku puzzle, detect the numbers using the Google Vision API, and solve the puzzle. Here is our wiki page:

My project was to create a pinball machine, controlled by the BeagleBone. Here is the wiki page.

-Ryan Evans