route added default gw on Beaglebone black and can no longer ssh! HELP

So I was trying to get internet on the beaglebone black by sharing it through the usb port. However, in the steps to obtain it, I used the command:

route add default gw

and later closed the connection to the beaglebone black. Now when I attempt to ssh back into it using the normal command

ssh root@

I dont get a prompt for the password and it just hangs. I have so much work invested into the beaglebone I am too reluctant to reset it or anything of the like. If anyone has any idea on how to fix it, brute force a connection, or even get the data off the beaglebone without ssh’ing into it I would greatly appreciate it!

The easy way to get a guaranteed connection is to use a serial cable.

You might also be able to get a console via HDMI and a USB keyboard, but
in my experience these don't play nice if not connected at boot.

You can also hook up an actual Ethernet cable. The 'Bone should get an
IP address and be accessible via ssh from the same network, and dhcp
ought to update the default route as well. Connecting an Ethernet cable
should work reliably even if one wasn't connected at boot.

If you _have_ to get in via usb, it may be possible. Since it's a USB
connection, I'm not familiar with the setup details (I use the real
Ethernet port). Start by verifying your computer side IP address for
the BeagleBone USB connection, and try to ping the BeagleBone. If you
are lucky, the problem is just on your client side. If you get to where
you can ping, it should be possible to get an ssh session.

Unplugging and re-connecting the USB link might fix things as well, but
I'd try this as a last option if you need anything from the current
state of the 'Bone. I don't use the USB link and don't know how it
behaves is you disconnect and reconnect it.

Any update on this? I have the exact same problem. I wasn’t able to run #opkg update because I didn’t have an internet connection. So after reading through various forums I tried
#route add default gw and I can’t ssh and I cant put the ip into my browser although my computer is telling me the beagle bone is connected

Although not helpful, you also have to specify the interface name at the end of the route commands. .e.g. route add default gw usb0

This information is probably not relevant to you anymore, but I am posting it for other Googlers who come along. I am using windows 7 and I also used windows connection sharing to give internet axis to the BeagleBone Black but I did one more thing and told the DHCP which gets activated when this is done to use the network for the connection. Here is a link which tells how to do this:
(REG_SZ) ScopeAddress
(REG_SZ) StandaloneDhcpAddress

If the static IP address on the computer is no longer then it probably will no longer be able to communicate with the BeagleBone.