RS485 in angstrom linux for beagleboard xm

Dear All,

I want to make my beagleboard xm as rs485 master and I’m using angstrom linux. How to start working with rs485 in angstrom?

While i searched online, I couldnt find any relevant resources.Kindly help

Hello Badri,

I remember doing RS485 communicatios with Windows Embedded in the past. I was using a USB/RS485 converter device and a special driver was required. A quick search on the Web revealed that some of these devices are also compatible with Linux: Google this: rs485 usb converter linux.

Good luck!


Last-minute addition: you may like to see this:

Probably at91 kernel has rs485 support while uart-omap driver does not. However you can find necessary patches for omap3 architecture on the web