Hello beagleboarders !

I need to connect an old RS485 sensor to my BB and I am trying to understand which options I may have to do this.

  • RS485-USB-BB using FTDI drivers (?)
  • RS485-RS232-USB-BB (?). Do I need some driver ?
  • RS485-RS232-IDC10-BB (?)
  • Hardhat (or any similar beagleboard cousin or expansion board with RS485 support)

Is there any other option or any better way ?

As usual, thanks a lot for your help !

Another way is to create youw own little board and attach it to the expansion connector and use the UART there. You will need to provide a GPIO pin to control the direction switch.
You could also attach one of the off the shelf converters to a Zippy board which provides an additional serial port off of the expansion connector.
I would look a tthe USB to RS485 path.