rst and ideas...


As some of anyone is already aware, I am slow to the game. Just think of me as a double handed driver who loves Stop Signs. Anyway, outside of those good, ole times: 1. Restructured Text (reST) and Sphinx CheatSheet — Sphinx and RST syntax guide (0.9.3) .

I found this idea in the pages online and boy, am I thankful? Yes, unlike some people who like to purchase and utilize boards for either profit or for learning (the latter is basically all I do in time), I have found a new knack for learning rst and trying to facilitate life, the .org, and

I have since cloned the repo. from online and started to view this as a task of sorts.

To anyone reading this idea thinking that things have to move fast, okay. I will bow down to the masses but keep in mind, places and times for people of my coordination are needed (says me).


P.S. Thank you all for handing me technology (for a price), educating me in time, and then allowing me to give back when I can. Oh…and thank you for not being all too quick to judge on your behalf.

Anyway, nice to see everyone is around and doin’ things. See you guys later for now. I am starting to catch some basics of rst and typos here and now. So, things may transpire just a bit more which is always a good way to learn, educate, and then build upon that foundation…