RTC battery for Beagleboard XM

I saw the following on the RISC OS Open Beagleboard discussion forum:
"Farnell do sell the MS621FE-FL11E, which is a larger capacity version
of the one mentioned in the reference manual (5.5mAh vs. 1mAh).
Looking at the data sheet it looks like it’s a suitable replacement."

Is this component suitable please?

If it is identical except for capacity, then yes.



Don't know how many folks I speak for, but here goes. Do what you need to
on the xM to make it and any support sw as complete as possible. I believe
it will be worth the wait. It would be nice to have the board now, but
waiting for a complete and working package will certainly save you and
everyone else much support time.

You and your team's efforts at TI are greatly appreciated. The BB and now
the BB xM are great design reference platforms. Thanks for all your


You did read the mission statement right?



We appreciate the thought. That is our position as well. We are very close. We just have a few quirks in the SW that we are working through. We are making sure that we can test everything on the board before we ship and that the SW we ship can be built by anyone from source, which has proven to be a little bit of a challenge as we are adding a LOT of SW to be shipped with -xM. Hopefully everyone will find it worth the wait! We only have a couple of issues that we are down to, so hopefully we will be up and running in the next day or so.