RTC for AI64

Has anyone successfully setup RTC hardware on an AI64? Details please and thank you!

Which external RTC hardware are you looking at? i2c/spi/1wire?


Thanks Robert!

True confessions . . . this is my first attempt at setting up RTC hardware so I’m not sure which will work or is best.

With a lil Googlin’, I’ve found that this one . . . Adafruit DS3231 Precision RTC Breakout : ID 3013 : $17.50 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits . . . apparently works with the BeagleBone Black. I was about to take the time to see if there are matching pins on the AI64 to get it to work.

Then I thought, maybe someone else has already invented this wheel. So I posted on this forum.

Any advice?

Peace . . . Vince

HI @vinceco that shouldn’t be too bad, it’s an i2c device, we just need to port this example from am335x to the bbai64…

You can start with the i2c node here:

While this section will be discovered by trial n error (booting up)…


As far as the application goes . . . I am designing a gizmo without internet access but has the need for an RTC.

Greetings Robert!

Thanks for the links.

I have ordered the DS3231.

I will post progress here.

Peace . . . Vince

Greetings Robert! I just realized that I never got back to ya on this. It turned out that for this project, having an accurate date/time is not required. Thanks again for your pointers, I will keep the hardware for future dev. Peace . . . Vince