RTC for BB AI64

Hi, I am trying to use Adafruit ChronoDot 3.0 for an RTC on the BB AI64. This uses a max 31328, which is functionally equivalent to a DS3231. I was successful (I think) in installing I2C2 on the BB AI64 with the max31328 attached. (One strange thing was that I could not see the max31328 using i2cdetect -y -r 2. I then ran ls -l /dev/bone/I2c and saw that 2 → …/…/i2c-5. When I ran i2cdetect -y -r 5 I saw that 68 was attached? I then got stuck in creating /dev/rtc?
I found Robert’s discussion on this issue on the forum:

src/arm64/overlays/BONE-I2C1.dts · v5.10.x-ti-unified · BeagleBoard.org /…

src/arm/overlays/BB-I2C1-RTC-DS3231.dts · v5.10.x-ti-unified · BeagleBoard.org…
I pulled these then make & make install and copied the 2 dtbo files into extlinux.conf. The BB AI64 now fails to boot. I’m in the process of reinstalling Debian 11. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx


Pretty sure you need to do make install_arm64… not make install…

make install is for 32 bit

Thanx Robert1997 - that was the problem. Now BB AI64 boots and RTC works as expected.