Run opencv program using Narcissus SDK

I have downloaded Angstrom image with full SDK from narcissus online
builder. (WITH OPENCV)
Advanced ,2011.03 , extended, full SDK for generate filesystem,32 bit
X11 ,Enlightment
X11 Control tool
Python,Perl,Toolchain, Native (on-target) SDK, OpenCV headers and libs
All kernel modules, FFmpeg, OpenCV
Dropbear SSH server, Samba
Bootloader Files (x-load/u-boot/scripts), PowerVR SGX drivers for
OMAP3, PowerVR SGX demos for X11


I am installing Angstrom image (downloaded from narcissus) in
Beagleboard xm
I extract SDK.tar.gz (create usr/local/…………).this created local
folder is moved to Angstrom/usr/
Now I want to run Opencv program (with GTK) on beagle board .
what should I do for that???