Running BeagleBoard Ubuntu 23.04 on BeagleV reports 3 GB RAM, not 4

Hi All,

I’ve flashed my BeagleV with BeagleV-Ahead Ubuntu 2023-07-05.

When I log in via UART and then ssh, Linux only report 3 GB of RAM available:

root@BeagleV:/etc# free
               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:         2993620      572904     1925136        1796      530104     2420716
Swap:              0           0           0

Is there a reason for Linux only seeing 3GB instead of 4 GB of RAM?

Also, I notice that Docker is running by default. Is this an Ubuntu 23.04 thing?



i already asked this question, @RobertCNelson indicated it has to do with shared memory co processors. see the following link.