Running dpkg --configure -a


I’m having challenges in running dkpg --configure -a. It is looping the following statements for a very long time, i mean long time close to 7hrs until i use Ctrl C;

ACTION Regenerating Makefile
make:Leaving directory ‘/root/.c9/node_modules/pty.js/build’
make:Entering directory ‘/root/.c9/node_modules/pty.js/build’
make: Warning: File ‘…/…/…/…/.node-gyp/0.10.42/common.gyi’ has modificatication time 7.7e+06 s in the future

The above statements keep on looping and looping endlessly. c9-core-installer pops up at the end when i stop the process.

After that, each time i try apt-get install it requests for dkpg --configure -a to be run inorder to fix the problem. I am running Debian Wheezy image updated on the 12 of Nov 2015 on an ADATA uSDCard Class 10.

Need your help i’m stuck.