Running DVSDK demos on an xM

Has anyone run the DVSDK v4 demos on an xM. I'd like to play with the
c6run examples and I'm having trouble getting them to run.

Is there a guide somewhere that shows how to set up the DVSDK for a
Beagle xM?


Angstrom has all the dvsdk components already integrated, so just set up OE (see the angstrom website).



Yup, setting up Angstrom is an option; however I'm following the
instructions at
and in two places it lists >24 hour compiles. 48+ hours in install/
compile time is not practical for a 4 hour workshop that is intended
to show how easy it is to teach with the Beagle.

There must be some precompiled option out there that takes less time
to install. If not, maybe that's why so few people are using the DSP
side of the Beagle.


Dear Yoder,

Have you been able to boot Beagle Board xM using Linux DVSDK 4....
Does the
absence of Nand give some problem... is there some work around...



  I got the c6run part of the DVSDK to work on the xM. Here's what I



Do you know how to create a easy example for show how dsp and gpp work
together. thanks for all



I am working on it and I will let you know as and when I find success but I am doing it using angstrom sdk

Hi mohit.

This Is the same Angstrom than I build from
I read this page,
but I dont know if is need do all steps in this page, thanks for your