Running x86 binary/linux on Beagleboard XM using QEMU

Hi all,

I have two x86 binaries (and only the binaries) which I want to run on
my beagleboard. The binaries are shipped with a full linux 2.4 and
make use of libraries such as libstdc++5 as well.

I am looking for a way to execute this binaries on my beagleboard.
Performance is not such a concern, more it is power-save and the
hardware-interfaces of the bb.

Yet I found QEMU which might be the right solution for my problem, but
it is not totally clear to me if I have to run the whole x86-linuz in
the hardware-emulation or if it might be possible to run only the two
programs and use for example the libstdc++5 compiled for omap?

It would be very kind if someone could point me in the right