Rust on the board (standoff holes & expansion slot)

Hello folks, now that I have started working on the board again after
a 3-4 months hiatus, its unfortunate to see (quite some) rust on
around/in the standoff holes as well as the expansion slot holes. I
reckon I had left the board in the box in which it came (and
unfortunately I reckon without the anti-static bag to cover it) for a
few months. Although the board's working fine, but I am just a little
concerned about its life & maintenance.

Is there a way to safely remove the rust, or can I leave it as is ?
Also, I hope the life expectancy of the board won't be degraded
much ?


I don’t think it is rust. The plating is immersion silver. That is a normal process that the silver can go through when left in an environment as you desrcibe. It should have no impact on the operation or the life of the board.


Thanks for the information Gerald.