safe use of io pins

Hello everyone.

I had started some tests with beaglebone black and will need to use the PRUs to drive some io pins (PRU0 will drive six outputs and PRU1 will read twelve inputs). By now I was able to write and load a dtbo file and did some small tests with PRU code accessing this io pins, everything seems to be fine.
For the final project, this io pins will be connected to a external circuit that will be turned on by the same supply used to power BBB. As far as I had understand, the SYS_RESETn line is there to prevent the io pins from being driven before the BBB is completely powered, no problem with that. I fear that it would be possible to short circuit some io pin that is intended to become an input but is still an output, given that, there may be a small amount of time where the SYS_RESET goes high but the custom dtbo file is not loaded already. Is there any way to prevent this?

Carlos Novaes

At reset, all GPIO pins are configured as inputs.