Same SD card in different BeagleBones Blacks


I would like to know if it’s possible to use the same SD in different BeagleBones.

I used a SD card to install Debian on one BeagleBone, I configured the system and everything I needed, but now I would like to use that SD card in a different BeagleBone, to have the same system and configurations. Is that possible?

Or, can I use different SD cards with different system in the same BeagleBone and change them whenever I want? Like If I have a SD card with angstorm and another with Debian, can I switch the SD cards? Or do I have to install them everytime and loose everythin?


Thanks for the help

Yep. You'll have to use an image that is installed to the sd card
though, and not an sd card image that is intended to perform the
install to the emmc.

We do this regularly with our beaglebones. Clear out the first block
of emmc and it defaults to booting from sd and then burn and program
sd cards from the pc when we make changes to the software build.