SD Card Image for BBBW

Is there an SD Card image for BBBW similar to the Dec 5 or 18 testing images that have the wireless
changes for connecting to home wireless network using connman . I tried 2017-01-08 last night and it did not boot.
Maybe that image was just a testing image


I’ve been using the recent RCN 2017 images without any problem on my BBBW. I also use ConnMan to setup wireless. Maybe the image didn’t write correctly to your micro sd?

How I setup WiFi:


Based on a post from RCN to Stephane I tried 2017-01-04 and the SD Card booted fine.


Yes, console or iot serve that purpose:

see the snapshot section:


Thanks - I got the BBBW to run but why is it such a bear to get a root login on Debian.
I can access the machine with a “debian” login, then I used su to login as root, which works, but then,
when I try to login as user root with the same password I get “access denied.”

There's already enough "bot's" out their..


This is for an embedded LAN without external connectivity where most apps run at uid=0 because they
must carry out privileged commands. Security is in 2048 bit encrypted comms and iptables.