Sd socket broken, should I dump the board?

Hi, suddenly the sd socket of the BBB stopped working (sometimes it works, sometime it doesnt). When I hard press the socket with a card inside, sometimes it works (otherwise it never works). I guess that the problem is some physical connection but I am not able to know where exactly.

I tried to flash new images through USB but I always get a kernel panic (it seems that the normal images are to prepared for that and fails when trying to mount a partition).

If I use this sdcard in my old beauty white beaglebone it boots and runs prefectly (so the card is flashed right).

Im thinking about resoldering the sd socket (since the board is useless now there is nothing I can lose) but first I wanted to ask if someone know something about this problem (I couldnt find anything).

Dont know when exactly it stopped working because I never use sd card and I realized about this when I tried to flash a new image

Thank you