SDRAM interface to OMAP 3530

hi all
i am working OMAP3530,
i have to interface two LPDDR SDRAM's to SDRC.
there are two Chip selects in SDRC, each can support 512 MB, so the
total supported memory is 1GB.
my questions is..
1) what type LPDDR SDRAM Addressing supported can be used, for
example ,LF(JEDEC-standard addressing), L2 (2-die stack standard
addressing), L4 (4-die stack standard addressing), LG(Reduced Page
Size) or R4 (R4 = 4-die stack reduced page-size addressing) ?

thanks and regards
N Reddy

LF will work for sure!

thanks a lot,
require memory density is not available from LF, any other things will support OMAP 3530 ?

please suggest me

thanks and regards
N Reddy

you can use 4 chips with 16-bit bus wide.

CS0: x16(256M) + x16(256M)
CS1: x16(256M) + x16(256M)

hi ,
thanks a lot ,
but we have some space constraint problem. so we are planning to use two 512MB chips.

what about other addressing schemes except LF, like L4, R2, LG etc. OMAP 3530 will not support?

please suggest me.
thanks and regards

N reddy