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I’m developing a Modbus RTU architecture. The master of this architecture is my Beagebone Black , which I want to connect via RS-485 serial communication to my sensors. Since I’m using RS-485 converters (RS-485 Converter) which need a UART input as far as I understand, I was looking for sensors capable of taking environmental data, or even motion sensors or whatever, in order to connect them directly to my converters to “simulate” a Modbus communication.

Do you know any UART compatible sensors that I can use?? Some links to the products would help me.

Some XBee sensors handle themselves via commands from USB or your own connections.

One issue w/ XBee, spacing of the pins are not regular breadboard spacing.


P.S. Here are some basic links to XBee products:


I found that some older models handle UART connections very well! I am sort of out-of-the-loop now w/ XBee and ZigBee tech for now but I may show something soon…

I will try. Using the XBee w/ BBB is simple (sort of)…

Here: XBee Python Library — Digi XBee Python library 1.4.1 documentation (

usually w/in their arch, there are some changes needing to be made like instead of COM one would use /dev/ttyS2.

from digi.xbee.devices import XBeeDevice
from import IOLine, IOMode
import time
import threading

# TODO: Replace with the serial port where your local module is connected to. 
PORT = "COM1" # Use '/dev/ttyS2' on Linux machines like the BBB!
# TODO: Replace with the baud rate of your local module.
BAUD_RATE = 9600


def main():
    print(" +----------------------------------------------+")
    print(" | XBee Python Library Get/Set Local DIO Sample |")
    print(" +----------------------------------------------+\n")

    stop = False
    th = None

    device = XBeeDevice(PORT, BAUD_RATE)

        def io_detection_callback():
            while not stop:
                # Read the digital value from the input line.
                io_value = device.get_dio_value(IO_LINE_IN)
                print("%s: %s" % (IO_LINE_IN, io_value))

                # Set the previous value to the output line.
                device.set_dio_value(IO_LINE_OUT, io_value)


        th = threading.Thread(target=io_detection_callback)

        device.set_io_configuration(IO_LINE_IN, IOMode.DIGITAL_IN)
        device.set_io_configuration(IO_LINE_OUT, IOMode.DIGITAL_OUT_LOW)



        stop = True
        if th is not None and th.is_alive():
        if device is not None and device.is_open():

if __name__ == '__main__':

This is from some source I found online at Digi’s account.


P.S. This may get you started! Enjoy…