seeking to buy beagleboard ASAP

I have been doing a project on beagleboard C4 for past few months and
suddenly it stopped working. I need to buy a new one and I don't find
it in stock anywhere and the lead time is too long as well. Is there
somewhere I can get it from immediately? I am willing to buy the used
one that is in good condition as well. All I need is a beagle board
C4 that works well, new or old. I ordered one from Special Computing
a month ago because they said they had 5 in stock then. But two weeks
later they said that they haven't received any shipment from the
manufacturer but they will receive it in another two weeks. Finally
few days back they responded to my inquiry email asking if I wanted a
refund because they have no idea as to when they will get the beagle
board shipment !!

Since I cannot find it anywhere in stock I am willing to buy a used
one as well.

I would appreciate any other ideas about it's availability.


The latest batch of Rev C4 boards are just now coming online at the factory.

You can get your board repaired or you can try Liquidware. Special Computing received boards last week. If you had sent your board in for repair you could have had it back by now.


Who repairs these boards?

I thought ordering a new one would be faster while I could still try
to trouble shoot the board. I can still send this board for repair.
What is the procedure for doing so?

It is special computing that I ordered a new beagle board from last
month. And I got an email few days back saying that they have no Idea
as to when they can ship it to me because they haven't received any
new shipment. Liquid-ware said that they will receive new shipment in
Nov22 but also that they already have many back orders. Since I waited
on special computing for a month I was just hoping I would already get
back to work with the new beagleboard now!

The boards are repaired by the people that make the boards. is the link.


I think Gerald means

Oh. I guess so. I never actually request RMAs I just deal with them.


Thank you for the responses. In the link
it shows the return address as:
Beagle Hospital
675 North Glenville #195
Richardson, TX 75081
I think I read somewhere in the group discussion that this address is
the old address and now they have a new one. Is that right? What is
the process of receiving the authorization for the repair?


Yes. The address is old. Request the RMA and get it approved. Then the address will be provided. If you send a board in without the RMA being approved, it goes in a box in the corner.

Go to the link. Fill out the information. The RMA request will then be sent to the RMA Team. They will respond and grant the request or they may have a few questions that you need to answer to get it approved…