Send a message from Beagleboard C5 to Android Phone through Wi-Fi


I have set up the WiFi USB adapter in Beagleboard and I could surf internet from there. I just want some pointers on how to send message from beagleboard to phone or computer through IP. I am working on wireless ECG telemetry system. So once the signal processing is done, I want to publish the diagnosis results in a Smart phone? Would really like some help.

Thanks in adavnce,

You can consider using
a higher level of abstraction that pure sockets.

Another approach might be implementing a webserver on the BB with
dynamic content. With eg. php you may even control (start/stop/....)
your ECG.

Thanks guys…I will check them out…
@ Dieter Wirz: Btw Can You explain to me about web sever on bb ? How exactly to implent it?

Thanks guys...I will check them out....
@ Dieter Wirz: Btw Can You explain to me about web sever on bb ? How exactly
to implent it?

I have to ask back: What was the question:
(i) "How to set up a web server on bb" or
(ii) "How to design a website running an ECG over a Webinterface"

A starting point for (ii) might be a webpage start.php containing the
lines below. It will start my_ecgprogram and print the returnvalue on
the screen of your Smartphone/Computer if you call it with your
webbrowser with http://bbs_ipadress/start.php

$ecgprogram = "/path/to/my_ecgprogram";
$output = shell_exec($ecgprogram);
echo $output;


Both the questions actually…I dont know how to set up web severs in bb and how to design a website running on webinterface

Okay, :wink:
On Angstrom never tried, but you have to install a webserver
(lighthttp or apache2) and php. All should be available with opkg.
I use archlinux and ubuntu. Please Google for "archlinux lamp server"
or "ubuntu lamp server".
On Archlinux (I prefer Archlinux on bb) "pacman -S apache php
php-apache" should do the job. Then you can access your webserver.
see below

Maybe you want check out running a Webserver first on you
desktop/laptop on a small (20Gb) partition of with


For BB, i m using ubuntu 11.04,…so which websever is good ?

Ubuntu standard is Apache2
sudo apt-get install lamp-server^
don't forget the caret

Thanks alot…I will try tehm and will let you know if there are some issues…thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Nasreen,

Have you been able to to send your ECG data to your phone? if so, could you please give me some pointers as to how you did this? I am currently working on sending data from a phone to the bbb to control gpios and would really appreciate the help.