Sensors + Arduino + Linux?

Hi guys,
at the moment I’m working with another board and this is the workflow:

I have an Arduino sketch that does the following:

  • reads from hardware serial pin (Serial0)
  • reads a DTH22 sensor with appropriate library on a pin
  • communicates to other modules using I2C dedicated pins with appropriate libraries

This sketch reads from and writes to a serial port (tty/MCC) in order to communicate with a Python script running in Linux (Ubuntu).

I have also a GPS module connected to hardware UART to Linux attached to a gpsd daemon.

I need access (SSH) to Install python, libraries I need, drivers (I need to compile some Dekart SIM reader driver I have), wpa_supplicant etc.

I’d like to know If I can do the same with a BBB. You, experts…do you think everything is feasible?