Serial Communication and Interrupts DMX-512

Hey Everyone,

Im really new to embedded linux, and for must of my experience with
microcontrollers I have been in the 8-bit world, so please bear with
me if some of my questions are trivial, thank you.

I am trying to generate a DMX-512 UART signal from the beagle board.
I have compiled an Angstrom distro, and gotten it running on the
beagle board. What I need to do is send bytes to the serial interface
located on the expansion header at 250Kbps. I also need to be able to
shut off the chips UART module and turn it back on if possible.

I can compile C code, if anyone can help me with some C code to send
data to the UART on the beagle board that would be fantastic. Also,
when I implemented a system like this on a 8-bit microcontroller, I
used UART_TX complete and UART_RX complete interrupts to control the
data sending process, is there a way to access interrupts like that on
the beagleboard through C code?

Thank you very much,

Dan did you ever found an answer to this?