Serial Debug Port on BeagleBone Black not workin

I’ve been trying to connect to my board through the serial port but it is not sending any data. I’ve tried on Linux using minicom at different bus speeds and on Windows using PuTTY also at diferente baudrates but the result is the same, nothing is received on terminal screen. I’m using an FTDI adapter.


The only way I can communicate is through mini USB connector using Cloud9 interface


What model? or a close up picture so we can see it…


Hi Robert, sorry forgot to mention that it is a BeagleBone Black

Other side of the cable. :wink:


Most obvious cause for serial terminal not working, assuming the correct baud rate is set, is that you have connected it incorrectly.

Usually you need to swap TX and RX pins =

However as there are many adapters out there I would not 100% guarantee that to be the case for all of them. If you have a DSO you can always check, or failing that, you could probably connect up an LED + resistor (or DVM) to what you think is TX on the USB adapter and send some text from your terminal program. Set the baud rate to as slow as possible. If you do, don’t forget to set it back.


Make sure your minicom is using the correct port for the USB.
You must add your user account to the dialout group

First check what groups your account has membership.


If your account is not a member of dialout do this:

$sudo usermod -aG dialout <your username goes here>

You will have to log out and back in or just reboot before the group addition will hold.

I use GTKterm.

$sudo apt install gtkterm

From the configuration drop down select ports, typically the USB will be the very last one.

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Thanks for your help.

I had already added the group but never restarted the machine

It’s working now!

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