Serial port not working on my beagle board

Hi All,

In my beagle board, the serial port doesn't seem to work. I ordered a

1. IDC10 to DB9M bulkhead (RS-232) cable from ebay
2. RS232 (female to female) gender changer
from ebay

With the above two, I attached the USB to serial adapter (of 2 brands,
prolific and another one).
But no luck with serial logs (i tried with suggested bauldrate 115200
8N1 flow control none), Tried different windows software's as well eg:
putty, terminal bray++ and Hyperterminal.

The board boots when connected to a DVI monitor and rest of the
accessories seem to work well. I had followed the steps mentioned at:-

Is something wrong with my beagle board or is the IDC10 to DB9M
adapter I ordered faulty ? Did anyone else face a similar situation ?

Karthik Poduval

Have your read section 13 of the System Reference Manual? Most likley you bought the wrong cable off of Ebay.


Hi Karthik,

I just had a smiliar problem because my adaptor cable did not have the
correct pinout. So I grabbed my soldering iron and changed the pinout
When using a nullmodem cable this configuration should work fine:
IDC Pin - DE9 Pin
1 (marked red) - 1
2 - 2
3 - 3

Check this by openening the DE9 connector or with a multimeter.

The one I bought from Reichelt had a completely different pinout and I
didn't receive anything from the beagleboard's serial port.
I connected to the board using minicom running on ubuntu 10.04.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards,

Sven Wilksen

Hi Sven,

Thank you for the suggestion, I will check with a multimeter now.

Karthik Poduval