Server VNC

Hello! I’m new to BeagleBone.

I am trying to install a VNC server. I installed Xvfb and x11-vnc.
I am running “x11-vnc -create”, then I can enter from a vnc client but I dont understand the desktop environment that I see. Just have a console and I can not write to it.

Thanks for your help!

Sorry for my English!!

Where did you find an xvfb package for the beaglebone? Are you running Angstrom or Ubuntu?

Thank you! Now at least I can connect with VNC, and I get an X desktop with a console prompt. Input is ignored, so it looks like I have the same result as Pablo, but at least I have something to work with.

When I connect, among all the other stuff x11vnc outputs, there is this:

18/06/2012 14:46:24 WARNING: XTEST extension not available (either missing from

18/06/2012 14:46:24 display or client library libXtst missing at build time).

18/06/2012 14:46:24 MOST user input (pointer and keyboard) will be DISCARDED.

18/06/2012 14:46:24 If display does have XTEST, be sure to build x11vnc with

18/06/2012 14:46:24 a working libXtst build environment (e.g. libxtst-dev,

18/06/2012 14:46:24 or other packages).

18/06/2012 14:46:24 No XTEST extension, switching to -xwarppointer mode for

18/06/2012 14:46:24 pointer motion input.

It looks to me like the x11vnc package has been built with the wrong configuration.

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I never got it to work. In the end I gave up on Angstrom, and installed Ubuntu instead.

In Ubuntu you install tightvncserver and a window manager (I use icewm). If you want to start VNC at boot, see

I have also installed xrdp, for easy access from Windows boxes.