Servomotor Herkulex Beaglebone

I need someone who know how control a herkulex servo with my beagle bone in python or c

Typically, servos are controlled by using a PWM signal. cf:

  However, the documentation for this servo
indicates that this servo uses 115200bps 8n1 TTL level SERIAL communication
-- eg: a UART.

  Unfortunately, the diagram on page 51 indicates that "TTL" means
original 5V TTL. 5V will kill a Beagle -- the pins are limited to 3.3V. The
diode/resistor set shown at the top left /might/ imply that the TTL is
using a pull-up circuit -- in which case feeding 3.3V instead of 5V may be

Which Herkulex server are you considering to use with the Beaglebone?

Personally, I would not connect anything directly to a GPIO pin on the BB and prefer to use a driver circuit to drive the signals to something like a servo.

There is an Interface Manager for the Herkulex servos so that might be a place to start:

With a quick search I did find this GitHub repo:



page 17 of the manual that Dennis attached implies that a serial interface module is needed. see the second caution on that page.

There are folks connecting directly to Herkulex Servos with Arduino boards, so I imagine it is possible with a BeagleBone but I would not do it directly to a GPIO pin.