Setting UART speed on BBB Rev C

Hi all,

I posted this to the Beaglebone list as well, but it seems a bit dead
so I'm reposting here.

I would like to find a way to set the speed of the UARTs to something
other than the standard speeds offered by termios.

I'm running a BBB Rev C with Debian 8.3, stock kernel from I'm using the universal cape and config-pin for setup
(because it works well enough, so far). I currently have it working
with a serial speed of 115.2 kbps, but the listener can't handle any
of the standard termios speeds above that. It can handle 250, 500, or
1000 kbps, however. How can I set the BBB UARTs to operate at one of
those speeds?


PS -- I've considered shifting over to SPI on the next hardware rev,
but that will be a little bit and I'd like more speed now.!searchin/beagleboard/Problemas$20para$20comunicar$20com$20o$20Baud$20Rate$205760/beagleboard/GC0rKe6rM0g/13c1ngXF7owJ

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Thanks! It compiles... testing in the morning. :slight_smile: