Setting up sd card for beagleboard xm

I am new to Linux and am having trouble getting the card formatting. How do you run the script mkcard txt?

eg chmod +x mkcard.txt ; sudo ./mkcard.txt /dev/ sdc

Where to you put it to run when you issue the commands in Terminal. Where should all the downloads be for them to be accessed? Where is the root file partition?


you can follow this link…

Note;you should be aware of selecting device

you don’t have to use mkcad.txt.
just use fdisk /dev/sdb under root privilage.
and partiton two partitons: one for FAT32 another for linux ext3
the first boot partition has 50M is enough.

mkcard.txt does not copy anything on the card. The script prepare the card by creating two partitions :
- first one is the boot, FAT type must include MLO, u-boot.bin, uImage and uEnv.txt files
- second one must contain the root file system, linux EXT type

You're on your own to copy the files on the two partitions

And, yes be very careful with /dev/sdc !

You have to know the device file of you card reader, or you might trash your hard disk.