Setting up the BeagleV-Fire with the robotics cape


If someone could provide me with some advice for setting up this board with robotics cape.
So far I have used the sudo /usr/share/beagleboard/gateware/ robotics-cape-gateware command to change the gateware which I got from the Artifacts · BeagleV-Fire / Gateware · GitLab

After rebooting the board does not have any of the user LEDs enabled. /sys/class does not contain any led folder. I can set the LEDs using gpioset 2 x=1 but that does not allow me to program them by code. Which I need for the librobotcontrol library.

Is the librobotcontrol library compatible with the BeagleV? After compiling the library to riscv the examples all result in errors.

Some results from different examples:


initializing barometer
ERROR: in rc_i2c_init, failed to open /dev/i2c
ERROR: in rc_bmp_init failed to initialize i2c bus

rc_test_buttons: just crashes the whole controller

If there’s something I can do please let me know!

As far as the LEDs go, I think I might be able to help you:

The default gateware device-tree overlays don’t come with LEDs, so you will have to add those yourself.

First, you should study this as an example.

Then you fork the gateware project, following these instructions.

Finally you find robotics-cape.dtso, but in your own fork of the gateware project.
There you can add as many LEDs as you want, following the template from lorforlinux.

As for the I2C, that’s going to take a little more research, but you’ll have to add it in the same overlay.

I hate to say this, however after looking at that project you might be better off trying to find beagleboard blue and installing an image that was used back when that source tree was used. It looks very stale, and things change so quickly. The source tree has code for the PRU, that is specific to the TI family of SoC.

Also, I don’t have the board so this is just chatter. Are you sure the device tree is loading, not sure if all the dtbo files are active across the entire product line so that might be brick wall.