setting up wifi beaglebone green

I have been trying to get wifi setup on BBG, Following instruction

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Ive attached my code along with the instructions that I found on cloud9. I keep getting permision denied. When I do a wifi scan and look at services I see my wifi connection which has no password.

Thank you


I’ve never tried connecting to a wifi thru connman without a password, looking at:

I’d expect, this to just work, i guess…

sudo connmanctl scan wifi
sudo connmanctl services
sudo connmanctl connect wifi_(connection you want to connect too)

Afterwards run: [sudo connmanctl state] to see what it outputs…

debian@bbbw-pwr20-ser28:~$ sudo connmanctl state
  State = online
  OfflineMode = False
  SessionMode = False

also run:

journalctl | grep connman

So we can see what connman tried to do…


Thank you
That did work, I was connected to wifi and was able to do the update. Do I need to run that everytime I power up the device or is there a way to add the configuration on boot? I thought that was what I was doing by adding to the connman directory.


Everything you do on the command shell thru connmanctl should automatically be saved in connman’s “/var/lib/connman” directory…

As long as your WiFi’s mac address isn’t random and your Access point changes ssid, it should just automatically connect on every bootup…


Thank you Robert I verified it is running on boot with the state command