I am now running QT openGL on my BB.
However, It doesnt run very smoothly. And my project needs a high
speed 3D display.
I found something called SGX. it maybe helps.
How can I setup the eviroment and where can I buy it! DigiKey?
Thanks in advance

The SGX is a component inside the OMAP processor. so you already have it. It is the 3D graphics engine. What you need is the SW that uses it.


Is it because I dont use the opengl ES?
I use the opengl in QT .

You need to make sure you are using the OpenGLES acceleration when you
build Qt. See and
scroll to the bottom. You can get pre-built Qt images from, which was used in the
Qt board verification process...

Machine: beagleboard
Release: unstable
Base: regular
Devicemanager: udev
Image type: tar.bz2
Image name: random-XXXXXX
Packages: Console only
  Additional console packages: QT/e 4
  Platform specific packages: PowerVR SGX drivers for OMAP3
                                             PowerVR SGX gfxdriver
plugin for QT/embedded

This will produce a random-XXXXXX-image-beagleboard.tar.bz2 file that
is about 60MB. It will also produce a
random-XXXXXX-image-beagleboard-sd-1GiB.img.gz file.

* mount a 1GB or larger SD card on your Linux host, but unmount the file systems
* zcat random*-sd-1GiB.img.gz | dd of=/your/location/of/an/sd/card -or
similar- to format your SD card with two partitions, the first of
which allows booting of the BeagleBoard.
* unmount and remount your SD card on your Linux host
* tar -C /your/second/partition/on/the/sd/card -xjf
* cp /your/second/partition/on/the/sd/card/boot/uImage
* unmount and move the SD card from your Linux host to your BeagleBoard
* boot the SD card and see how the performance is relative to what you've built
* come back here and tell us all about the performance and what steps
I missed telling you (or what was confusing about them)