Share reboot symptoms (edgeai + wlan) _ BBAI-64

I have been working on edgeai related development with BBAI-64 for about 10 months.
I am currently testing the functionality after installing edgeai and various modules in the ROS2 environment.

Sometimes it reboots without any symptoms.

It works normally and then reboots. Reboots without hitting memory or CPU usage limits.

I found the cause by accident. The cause of the problem was WLAN connectivity (I use AX210 (m.2) wlan).
Normal operation with WLAN connected to WIFI was fine, but running edgeai or ROS2 would cause a reboot between 1-10 minutes.

If I disconnected the wifi with ‘ifconfig wlan0 down’, the reboot didn’t happen.
I don’t understand. Really. WLAN and a reboot…

If you’re experiencing unexplained reboots, check your WLAN.

Note that this has happened on at least four BBAI-64s.