Shipping Time


According to Digikey "the MFG has not given a shipping date for the
product" and 0 quantity is available.
I am just curious, where else on the internet could we order this
product to obtain it relatively soon?
(I believe Mouser has 0 quantity available as well)


They have a schedule. The get 200 boards every week.

For other suppliers go here:


you never know. i ordered from digikey about 10 days ago with a
nov 27 ship estimate. the bb arrived yesterday nov 18.

i think sparkfun has them for $10 more than digikey...

Looks like it is $20 more at Sparkfun. DigiKey has issues with receiving shipments a week at a time. Their system only tracks when all the boards are to arrive. So, that is the reason they don’t know when the boards will arrive.



I am also looking to buy a beagle board as soon as possible but it
shows out of stock everywhere. Did you say that Digikey gets 200
beagle boards every week? I am just wondering why they show 0
available in the website. I checked their lead time and it's 25 weeks,
which is too long. I am even willing to buy a used one that is in good
condition. Any other suggestions as to where I could get it from?


It's 0, because those 200 sell out faster then they come in, there was
stock shown yesterday...

Just ignore the 'lead time'


Robert is correct. If you wait until they show stock to order, you will never place an order. Place the order. Ignore lead time, and you should get your board in a week or so. Otherwise you may never get one. They sell out fast!