Shortage of OMAP3530DCBB72 devices

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Sorry for the slightly off topic post, but I’ve been working on a design using the OMAP3530.
Ideally I’d like to use the newer 720Mhz version of the processor as the later versions of the Beagleboard do.
However, I’m finding that every supplier I check only has stock of the 600Mhz version and not the 720Mhz.

Is there currently a known shortage of the OMAP3530DCBB72 device?
Are all of these devices reserved for Beagle boards only?
Is anyone aware of a stock of these parts?
Should I just give up and make do with 600Mhz :frowning:

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If you want more cpu, you could have a look at the beagleboard-xm or the AM37xx if you just need the chip. I’m not sure why you’re noticing a shortage of the 720 Mhz version of the 35xx but maybe TI is gearing up to push the next line (AM37xx).

I believe the AM37xx is software-compatible but not pin-compatible.

My suggestion is that you contact your TI sales person to see what the issue is. We have enough of these parts for our production needs as we ordered them about 6 months ago.


  1. I get any of OMAP3530 packages from AVNET-Silica and they do not list them online. Agree with Gerald that you must contact TI representative, not some suppliers. Only huge distributors can give you what you need. The only note that the lead time can be long like 14 weeks.

Distributors where you can buy any of OMAP3 processors:

  1. xM version holds DM3730, AM37.

2010/10/11 Gerald Coley <>

DigiKey also sells the processors.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for the responses. Both Digikey and Mouser list the 720Mhz version but neither have any stock. Unfortunately my need is short term, for a small prototype run so I think my only option at the moment is to stick with the 600Mhz part for now and switch to the 720Mhz down the line.

For the 600Mhz part Mouser has stock and even has an MOQ of 1 which is great :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your feedback.

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there are no differences in HW design for 600 or 720 versions. You can use 600MHz version for prototyping and don’t take in mind!

2010/10/11 David Nicholls <>

For prototype testing you MIGHT try overclocking the 600 version to 720 for a limited time. It may or MAY NOT work but should still be safe to the chip. Use this trick with care and on YOUR own responsibility…