Shots of XBMC on an xM


After Tobias' latest commits I have been able to run XBMC on an xM:

38FPS at 720P isn't too bad considering it's using 32 bits per pixel. The people that designed that theme may need to reconsider using white text on a bright gray background, though.



That looks fantastic! Any chance I could use it as a demo in a few weeks? I’m giving a presentation about the BeagleBoard at OSCON and would love to show some live video. Given that it is OSCON, a large percentage of the people in the audience are likely to have a strong interest in XBMC.

Not bad. I still haven't got it to build, 4 hours of make yesterday
ended in some error about missing libstdc++, but i'd had enough by

Weird that you don't get a texture beneath the text, it shouldn't look
like that :slight_smile:

It should, and looks same on my beagle, more like this:

Could you try wiping your output directory and .xbmc again and see if it

Also if you have gotten any .xbt in the media directory of the skin,
remove it.

lör 2010-06-26 klockan 19:26 +0200 skrev Koen Kooi:

Movie playback isn't impressive yet, it struggles with the 320x180 bunny:

higher res movie of xbmc on beaglexM in a few hours, uploading a gigabyte to youtube is a bit much for my dsl :slight_smile:

Finally got it to build. After another hour and a half it failed
again - but then I realised I hadn't turned swap on. Compiled the
whole thing until the final link with no swap ... (i'm only running a
window manager + 2x xterms).

Here's a HD version of it that gives a better idea of the current status:

Darn, I forgot adding the swap thing to the documentation.

Added it now though

mån 2010-06-28 klockan 13:26 +0930 skrev Michael Zucchi:

extremely cool. thanks for the HD video, Koen - looks fantastic.