show-pins with AI-64 support added

Here is show-pins with AI-64 support added (and a little bit of general clean-up).
Very handy when making device tree changes. Comments / suggestions welcome.

sha256sum: edcba270e98dcdd48f9ac00c0ae90ba0a4d053f554da22a9be3e8fe8389bba0f
Diff against against rcn’s current version (i.e. don’t trust random scripts from the Internet).


Note that this “” is some modified version of an extremely ancient version of my script. The primary repository for my show-pins utility is here:

(with different branches for different boards)

Thanks for the correct attribution. I simply started with the file I found on my AI (/opt/scripts/device/bone/ /opt/scripts being tied to rcn’s repo boot-scripts/ at master · RobertCNelson/boot-scripts · GitHub

Suggestions on making an “official” version with support for all Beagles? I always find this utility very useful (Thanks @zmatt). It seems we should make it part of the standard distro for AI-64 (TDA4VM) like we did for AM3358. I hacked up one to include both AM3358 and AM5729 at one time. Input on where to maintain is appreciated. @zmatt, I’m not sure you’d want to accept my messy patches to do things like unify each SoC in a single script.

Since I spent a fair amount of time on this already I’m willing to submit a patch. Just tell me where. show-pins for BBx/BBAI comes from RCN’s boot-scripts repo I think. But on the AI64 there is no /opt/scripts (yet?)

Awesome, please push out your version on github or … If @zmatt want’s to take it, push it here:

Once you’ve posted it, I’ll package it up into a debian package. (We’ve moved mostly away from /opt/scripts/ to discrete debian packages with bullseye…)


PR opened on GitHub - RobertCNelson/boot-scripts: Just a bunch of useful scripts placed under /opt/scripts/

awesome @jks ! i’ll merge that as-is…

I’ve also forked @zmatt repo here, and will create a beagle branch, as i think @jkridner did a few hacks already that didn’t make it into @zmatt repo…