Shutdown disables USB audio dongle on soft boot

Running Debian 7/3.8.13-bone68, if I shut down the system with "shutdown -h now", it nicely powers off, and powers off the USB bus. But if I then press the power button to power things back up, it does not power up the USB device that's attached. The dongle also doesn't work if it's plugged in after boot.

If instead I pull the power and re-apply it (with the dongle plugged in), things get powered up normally and it works fine.

Any ideas? Much appreciated!

Hot plug does not work for USB in kernels 3.8.x, but should with 3.14.x +

As for soft reset / powerup, it sounds as though you’re not getting enough power to the device as the system is coming up. How are you powering the beaglebone, and if barrel jack what is the PSU rated for ?

4A switching supply via barrel connector. Always powers up reliably. Restart, too. Just soft power up fails.

Sadly, 3.14 ruins audio playback and I can’t figure out how to make anything work without the capemgr.

Rick, Yeah sorry about the 3.14.x issues you’re having. As I have not personally experimented with that, I could only speculate. However, there is a semi kind of documented “experience” with this sort of issue.

Ok, so I am going completely from memory, of reading a few post on these groups from months ago. But I seem to recall there being a kind of like “race condition” where a device may try to power up before the beaglebone black has all it’s power lines up and “stable”.

In this case, you could try experimenting with a bash script that runs after everything else is up and completely running. Run level 5 or 6 I guess it would be with Debian ?

Gerald could probably be more help here as far as letting us both know how the various voltages work on a soft versus hard boot.