Similar commercial product with support


I am looking for a reputation company who fabricates and supports an ARM-cortex-A8 board similar to the beagleboard. Company must garentee support and produce the same product for at least 5 years. And Company also be able to design/produce custom boards and make hardware changes rapidly (< 2 months). Please recommend of you know of somebody who can provide such products and services.

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Can you provide details as to exactly what you are looking for? Making new designs in less that 2 months may not be realistic depending on what you want to do. Feel free to contact me direct.


Plug for my company.
Logic PD
We have standard SOM modules with OMAP processors that you can buy. If you want a chip down solution we have in house design services that will be willing to help you design and manufacture a custom board.

I have someone that can handle this. Contact me direct and I will make an introduction.


Look at, they claim to have support for OEM to use their designs.