Simple toolchain from Angstrom Narcissus vs. CodeSourcery G++ Lite for ARM

I mean the performance of the ARM cross compiler.
Is it better than CodeSourcery G++ Lite (arm-2010q1)?
It seems that it generated a little bigger
then CodeSourcery arm-2010q1 & 2009q3.
(tested compilation of U-Boot and linux-omap-devkit8000)

<filesize> <filename>
200880 u-boot.bin-2010.03-codesourcery2009q3
200120 u-boot.bin-2010.03-codesourcery2010q1
210944 u-boot.bin-2010.03-angstrom2010.05
2298404 uImage-2.6.34-rc6-g8ee7837-codesourcery2009q3
2251160 uImage-2.6.34-rc6-g8ee7837-codesourcery2010q1
2313304 uImage-2.6.34-rc6-g8ee7837-angstrom2010.05

Thanks for advice.

I download the angstrom-2010.05 toolchain by follow the instruction from:
selected ‘advanced’, than ‘simple toolchain’, than ‘32bit Intel’.