SimpleCV for BeagleBoard-xM with Angström

Hello everyone, I am running out of ideas, so I’d like to ask here: Is it possible (and if yes how) to install and run SimpleCV on the BeagleBoard-xM using Angström Linux?

I have tried everything and I think nearly all dependencies are satisfied. I’m running Python2.6 and I have installed the “python-opencv”, “python-numpy”, “python-pygame” and “python-setuptools” packages from the Angström repository. Moreover I have installed “pip” manually and used it to install ipython and SimpleCV itself. But I am unable to install/build scipy, which is necessary for SimpleCV.

I’ve tried to install it manually following this instructions, but it ends with compiler errors about a missing *.h-file (numpy/ndarraytypes.h).

As I said, I am running out of ideas, has someone an idea?

why don’t you just try opencv?

opencv works well in BB and PB

I have to do a performance evaluation of SimpleCV and compare it with other tools…

I’ve already used it with Ubuntu (thank you for your great guide by the way!!!) and it’s working out of the box. My problem ist that I have a special hardware, which isn’t supported by Ubuntu (See my question here)

I think the most critical part about Angström is to prepare the Python environment… There are a lot of dependencies which are not satisfied because of missing modules. That’s what I did:

  1. created an Angröm image (using this ) with pre-installed Python 2.6
  2. used opkg to get the repository modules “python-numpy”, “python-pygame”, “python-opencv” and “python-compile”. Therefore I had to install also some other missing modules, I am not sure anymore which, but the important ones are the 4 mentioned before…
  3. downloaded and installed PIP manually using “python install” (I think “python-setuptools” was also missing…)
  4. used pip to install ipython and SimpleCV
  5. tried to install scipy manually

The last point is where I got stuck, because of some missing *.h-files which should be available by “python-numpy-dev” but they aren’t. I think the problem about this is that there is no “python-core-dev” available in the opkg repositories …
Even if I could solve this problem (I had to deal with a lot of dependency problems before, step 1-4 took me several days…) I am not sure if that’s the last one…

If someone knows some better way: Your suggestions are welcome!

never tried to install python on angstrom though I did install openjdk and it was a pain, angstrom filesystem is extreme light (as is supposed to fit in a embedded platform) and a lot of software is not installed, I had to deal with a lot of dependences without mentioning I didn’t have internet connection in a BBrevC so I had to manually download packages on my laptop and then copy to BB to install them. I also have running a PIC bootloader written in python, but that is running in Ubuntu on top of a BBxM, so for angstrom would better if you compile the conflictive software from source to avoid missing headers or dependences, best regards



I am attempting to follow these instructions and am finding the links to be broken. I will create an issues in GitHub, but wanted to check to see if you had a more current instructions for how to install SimpleCV on the Beagle Bone Black.