Simulating BeagleV-Fire presentation at EOSS

With 4+1 RISC-V cores and a tightly integrated FPGA fabric, the PolarFire SoC is one of the most complex targets supported by Zephyr, used for advanced space, automotive and industrial applications focused on reliability. The recently released BeagleV-Fire from brings this platform at a low cost to a broader audience, letting developers add custom FPGA hardware blocks into real-time systems built with Zephyr for accelerating e.g. motor control, video or AI processing. The talk will describe how the recently contributed Zephyr port for BeagleV-Fire and first-class support for the platform in the Renode simulator, developed in collaboration between Microchip and Antmicro lets you quickly build flexible low-power, high-performance systems with FPGA acceleration. We will show how VS Code and an open source visual design tool called VSD can be used to build and configure a custom peripheral in the FPGA logic, connect it up to Zephyr and generate the necessary firmware, run the entire setup on real hardware and in Renode, with the peripheral co-simulated directly from Verilog/VHDL. An automated live visualization of the simulated platform will also be presented.