Single pin connectors for individual wires BBB expansion header

I want to connect several individual wires to the BBB p9 header. I would rather not use an entire 46pin header to do this. Rather, I was thinking of finding some kind of single pin solder socket to solder on to the end of each wire and then push the pin into the appropriate header receiver pin number. Does anyone know of such a solder socket with the correct gold plated square pin to use? I tried to search digikey, etc. but don’t even know what the correct name for such a device would be.


Like these:

made by Adafruit..


Almost. But, I was hoping that the end of the wire would have the square gold plated pin attached.

I’m thinking something like these:
but a single pin. And, perhaps a solder cup connection for the wire.

Or possibly:

What diameter should the post be to fit in the connector?

Like this variant:


I think I can build what I want by using these:

Just solder to the end and maybe a shrink tube covering to provide insulation.

Mill-Max has a line of solder cup pins for discrete wire termination. The 8301 series has an 0.025 inch square pin.

Mike Jaeger