SkiffOS (Buildroot) for the Beaglebone AI, Black, X15: Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, Alpine, Arch

Beaglebone AI

SkiffOS now supports the Beaglebone AI, Black, and X15.

Check out the Beaglebone readme for instructions on how to cross-compile & run the OS. Use skiff/core for debian and core/skiff-core-alpine for alpine (for example).

SkiffOS is a minimal read-only operating system which hosts any other distribution as a Docker container, with full support for systemd (PID 1) and pass-through of SSH sessions to the containerized environment.

It supports Gentoo, Alpine, Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, and others as “skiff core” configurations.

Example of running Gentoo on the beaglebone AI:


… as a container under SkiffOS.

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