Hi all,

is there any skype version available for ARM architecture.
i tried skype 2.4 but its binary not support for ARM. can i get
binary of that.

please send any related information.....
thanks in advance

As far as I know, an open source skype client for linux will be avaliable soon(or already).

this news is on nov 2009:

2010/1/20 sidh <>

Skype will open source only the graphical user interface, the core
software along with the communication protocol will remain proprietary
and closed.



true, but they will have to release various versions of the library for the
platforms that will run, and given the number of ARM based small hand
held devices around and planned they would be mad not to produce one
that is suitable for the Beagleboard (OK this is an open invitation form them
to demonstrate that they are mad, but lets hope they do not fall into it).
Of course this code merely has to be the relevant type of ARM compatible
and not specifically BeagleBoard compatible as we are in user land, and
that should just be a matter of compiling the library for a variety of
platforms all from the same source code.